Available Programs

  1. Accounting
  2. Management
  3. Educational planning and management
  4. Rural development and agricultural extension

Undergraduate Admission

Admissions to all  Distance  undergraduate  programs are processed  according to the College’s admission policies and procedures.

Admissions to all undergraduate continuing, and distance education  programs shall be processed through the College Registrar  taking into account the Senate’s Recruitment and Admission Committee (RAC) criteria applicable to the College of Distance Education (CDE).

Admission to the Distance Education Programs

Admission to all undergraduate programs of the Faculty of the  Distance Education ( Distance Education Service Program) is processed by the respective colleges/faculties and is granted by RAC.

– Distance Education Program

Eligible applicants to the Distance Education Program of JC may fall into any one of the following categories.

A) Preparatory Education Completes
  1. Applicants who have successfully completed ten-plus-two (10 + 2) preparatory school education
  2. Passed the College Entrance Examination, and
  3. Sign an agreement to pay tuition and related fees to the College.

Distance Education

Jigdan College Distance and continuing Education Program is Available through out Ethiopia 

Upgrading Applicants

  1. Applicants who have ESLCE result of 2.00 and above,
  2. Applicants with diploma (10 + 2 or 10 + 3) and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 upon graduation from an accredited College learning institution of similar program.
  3. Sign an agreement to pay tuition and related fees to the College.

Jigdan College has been working hard to expand and develop demand driven and nationally recognized academic programs. These academic programs are expected to produce competent  in diverse field of studies allied with the College  vision and mission, and the 2015/16 academic year plan of the College. The following are list of curriculum approved by the Senate of Jigdan College [after passing through rigorous procedures: need assessment, design of contents and pedagogy, and intensive review (both internal and external)]


  • College of Business and Economics           
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • College of Education
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • College of Agriculture
  • Rural Development and Agricultural Extension