Post Graduate

Graduate Studies Program

Graduate Programs was established in 2007 E.C to run the postgraduate studies in various disciplines in line with the * national development objectives.

Its major goals are to produce professionals who:

  • Identify analyze and intervene on societal problems
  • Undertake basic and applied research pertinent to the felt needs of the society.
  • Improve the practice and profession of their respective fields
  • Contribute to societal development

Admission to Graduate Programs

  1. Admission to Distance graduate programs is processed by the registrar and granted by the respective academic departments/units based on the requirements in the curriculum including entrance examination.
  2. Given the availability of intake capacity admission to a graduate program shall be on competitive basis in line with the admission requirements of the specific curriculum.
  3. A candidate should cover all his/her living and other expenses including accommodation, tuition fees unless the university gives him/her a scholarship.
  4. Admission for the students may take place twice in a year depending on the number of applicants and available resources in the College.
  5. Transfer may be granted to a qualified student if he/she has successfully completed (has a pass mark, i.e. CGPA of 3.00 and above or its equivalent) a minimum of a semester of graduate study in another College or an institution that has an equivalent standard and met the special requirements of the concerned academic unit. This is granted provided there is enough resource.