Message from the Founders

On behalf of Jigdan college Staff, it is our pleasure to say you welcome. You are invited to enjoy the challenge and rewarding educational opportunities the college offers for the existing and upcoming students.

Jigdan College offers a variety of programs which includes postgraduate, undergraduate, Technical Vocational Education and Training, and General education on regular, extension and distance modalities. Through these diverse programs the college is dedicated to providing students a quality education which will help the students to get necessary academic and intellectual skills required for their future endeavors.

The college has recruited a staff member who has exceptional knowledge and skill to teach our beloved students. Besides the exceptional teaching capability and friendly approach all staff work as a team to support students to realize their dreams to happen.

The college treats its students as a king and a queen and are confident that students will achieve their goals through our individually-tailored programs focused on appealing to their individual style of learning.

Once again, We welcome all students to Addis Ababa and Regional campus and enjoy a family member atmosphere and as well as a wide variety of social activities.

Wishing you all the best                                                                                              

College Founders